How to make an Easy Campfire Breakfast

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t eat well. Enjoy this easy and delicious camp meal.

To me, summer means CAMPING. I always look forward to a camping trip – it’s where I feel at total peace. It takes some preparation but with some work, you can be a pro at camping in no time.

Enjoy this recipe for an easy campfire breakfast. Nothing tastes better than a hearty breakfast and hot coffee after a night of camping. It will work over a campfire as well.

– Eggs (Pack scrambled eggs before you go in a water bottle or container)
– Pre-cooked sausages
– Red peppers or other veggies (Cut and put in a bag and into your cooler before leaving)
– Cooking Spray
– Cheese (I used Gouda)

My camping trick for coffee? Use instant! It’s probably why instant coffee was invented. You just need something you can boil water in and off you go.

If you’re interested in other camping tricks check out my other videos on hobo meals and cakes cooked in oranges!

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