Ski away the winter blues

Skiing is an awesome winter activity.

Skiing is great for the entire body – you get your heart rate up. You’re working your abs, glutes, thighs, hamstrings – YOU GET IT. And you certainly FEEL it.

It’s a FULL body workout.

Beyond that – It’s fun. You are actually out enjoying the winter and what the cold brings, which means a lot especially when it can feel like the snow is taking over our lives.

So moral of the story, get out because you’ll be happy you did. If you live in New York, there are plenty of places to Ski. We took Metro North to Poughkeepsie and rented a car from there. Or there are also snow busses (NYC Snow Bus or Ovrride) that take you straight to the slopes from the city.

It costs a bit to get started (about $30 to rent from a local store and $55 for a discounted lift ticket) plus transportation, but in the winter it’s nice to treat yourself to a bit of snow-happy-fun-time rather than just snow-is-ruining-my-life-time.

Or if you aren’t a skier, try snowshoeing. Whatever you choose, enjoy the rest of winter!

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